Ball cages

Ball cages enable press tools to operate at higher speeds and are crucial for specific applications. Paired with a guide pillar and a guide bush, the ball cage allows low friction. We have various types of ball cages available to suit different needs and applications.

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Ball cages for every need

We keep in stock various types of ball cages for different applications.

Ball cages for intermediate plates

Ball cages for intermediate plates feature an upper circlip retention. These cages are designed for intermediate plates; however, they can also be used on lower plates. With these ball cages, dislodgment is impossible.

Ball Cages with retaining washer

In this case, the end of the pillar and the retaining washer can extend from the ball cage. All the balls remain pre-compressed in contact between the pillar and the bushes. With these ball cages, dislodgment is possible.

Ball cages with retaining circlip

In this case, the ball cage can completely come out of the bush. At the bottom, the end of the pillar will not be able to come out of the cage because the washer will hit the circlip. With these ball cages, dislodgment is possible.

Advantages of ball guiding

Ball guiding allows tools to operate at very high speeds (over 45m/min). They also allow better precision as they operate with preload (about 1/100th), whereas plain guidings require a small clearance to function.

H2 Ball cage standards

Our ball cages are categorized into three different ranges according to various French, German, European, and international standards:

  • MDL PB Range - AFNOR - CNOMO Standard
  • MDL Blueline Range - DIN Standard
  • MDL Range - ISO Standard

Most ball cage needs can be met by the extensive in-stock range we offer.

Different materials

Our ball cages are made of aeronautical aluminum. Aluminum makes the cages lightweight and less susceptible to inertia in the case of high speeds. Depending on the need, we can also brass ball cages for intermediate plates.

Available diameters and lengths

Standard ball cage diameters include: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 48mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm.

Standard lengths of ball cages range from 25mm to 215mm depending on the diameters and models.

We can also provide specific guide elements for special dimensions.