Flame Cutting

We carry out plate flame cutting tailored to your requirements. Plates can then undergo heat treatment and grinding. Whether you need custom-shaped pieces, intricate cuts, or straight cuts, flame cutting provides solutions for your industrial projects.










What is flame cutting?

Flame cutting (oxycutting) is a steel cutting process that uses pure oxygen to cause oxidation.

It relies on the chemical reaction between a jet of pure oxygen and the metallic material to be cut. This high-temperature combustion process (over 1300°C) causes the metal to melt, while a stream of oxygen blows away the debris, resulting in clean and precise cuts (+/- 1mm).

Plate ready for flame cutting
Raw cut plates

Benefits of flame cutting

Oxyfuel cutting offers several advantages compared to other conventional cutting methods like laser cutting, water jet cutting, or plasma cutting:

  • Its good cutting quality regardless of the base material's thickness
  • Its ability to cut large and medium thicknesses, up to several tens of centimetres
  • Competitive costs
  • High productivity

Our creations

Materials Cut

We perform flame cutting on various types of alloy and low-alloyed steels.

  • Steel: flame cutting is highly effective for cutting steel, including mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel...
  • Stainless Steel: Flame cutting can be used for cutting stainless steel, but this process needs good monitoring of the cut's quality because stainless steel is more prone to deformation.
  • Steel Alloys: Alloyed steels, such as high-strength steel or tool steel, can also be cut through flame cutting.

We stock several thicknesses of S355J2+N and C45 to cover your needs.

The flame cutting process

Flame cutting, a technique perfected over 30 years at AMDL, follows a strict 3 steps process.

Preheating : Before flame cutting begins, we conduct a crucial preheating step. It's a simple principle; we heat the material to its ignition temperature, which is approximately 1300°C. This is achieved using preheating flames generated by an oxyfuel torch. With our experience, we control this heating to focus on a specific area of the material to be cut. This heating causes a combustion, transforming the steel into iron oxide.

Piercing : Once the material is heated, and the ignition temperature is reached, we proceed with piercing. For this, a stream of pure oxygen is directed towards the preheated area, which will pierce the sheet. The stream of pure oxygen, in contact with the heated steel or material, causes a rapid oxidation reaction, forming a kerf in the steel.

Cutting : After the rapid oxidation reaction has occurred, and the oxygen stream has pierced and passed through the sheet, the torch is then moved at a constant speed according to the defined cutting pattern, allowing for an exact and clean cut. The preheating flame remains active throughout the process, keeping the steel hot and ensuring a sharp and precise cut.

Entrust your steel cutting needs to our highly efficient flame cutting process. Our experts will ensure superior quality cuts to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our flame cutting services tailored to your projects.


Flame cutting finds extensive use in various industries:

  • Machine Tools and Industrial Installations : Oxyfuel cutting is widely employed in the machine tools and industrial installations sector for cutting structural parts, steel plates, and customized components. Its versatility meets the precise demands of these ever-evolving industries.
  • Automotive : In the automotive industry, oxyfuel cutting plays a crucial role in cutting chassis parts, structural elements, and steel and aluminium engine components. Its ability to deliver clean and precise cuts ensures superior quality in vehicle manufacturing.
  • Packaging : The packaging industry utilizes flame cutting to cut metal parts needed for the production of packaging equipment and filling machines. Its capacity to cut thick materials facilitates the production of robust and reliable parts.
  • Construction : In the construction sector, flame cutting is used to cut beams, columns, and other structural steel elements. Its precision allows for an easy integration of these parts into construction projects, ensuring optimal strength and stability.
  • Aerospace and Defence : The aerospace and defence industry demands highly precise metal cuts for aircraft, satellite structures, and military equipment. Flame cutting provides a reliable solution for cutting steel and special alloys, meeting these sectors' requirements.
  • Home Appliances : In the manufacturing of household appliances, flame cutting is used to cut components made of steel and aluminum. Its versatility allows to produce customized parts with high efficiency, contributing to the production of high-quality appliances.

We stock several thicknesses of C25 and C45 to cover your needs.

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