Guidance accessories

The accessories for guide elements allow us to complement our range of standard elements. These include fastening elements and extensions for pillars or bushes. Explore our range of additional elements!

Elevate your elements!

We offer a range of demountable steel blocks for guide pillars and bushes, allowing you to address balancing issues in your die sets. It makes wider movements possible without the need to increase the stroke and thus achieve higher speeds.

Steel blocks advantages:

  • The fitting principle of the steel block allows for precise positioning in the bore without the use of pins and provides better rigidity
  • The steel blocks are interchangeable within the same reference, allowing for substitution during disassembly and reassembly without compromising the tool's proper functioning
  • They are made of rolled carbon steel, available in both round and square shapes, and offered in various standard thicknesses
  • Intermediate thicknesses are available upon request for an additional cost

Fastening Accessories for Your Guide Elements

Discover all our fastening accessories available in stock and available for separate delivery to meet all your needs (both initial and maintenance). Whether you need flanges or screws for your bushes or pillars, or snap rings or other elements for your ball cages, contact us!