Punch holders

The standard punch holder from Porter Besson ensures proper positioning, guidance, and stability of the punch during the stamping operation in a press, resulting in precise and efficient part fabrication. AMDL keeps a wide range of punch holders in stock, conforming to international standards and norms.

Standard Punch Holders:

Reduced Punch Holders
Our in-stock Porter Besson reduced punch holders follow international standards and AFNOR norms. They are available for standard punches as well as heavy-duty punches. We also offer a range of high-profile reduced punch holders.

Ball-Lock Punch Holders
Our ball-lock punch holders are specially designed for our ball-lock punches, allowing for retention by a ball and quick punch changes. They are available in reduced, square, or rectangular formats.

Square Punch Holders
Our square punch holders are manufactured according to the AFNOR NFE 63-108 standard. They are supplied with the shock plate.

Rectangular Punch Holders
Our rectangular punch holders are manufactured according to the AFNOR NFE 63-107 standard. They are supplied with the shock plate.

Retractable Punch Holders
The retractable punch holder allows for the deactivation of punches as an option for certain parts. A plate enables the release of the punch head

Advantages of MDL-PB Punch Holders:

MDL-PB brand punch holders have features that can guarantee superior performance and durability in stamping operations.

Precise Alignment and Guidance
MDL-PB brand punch holders are manufactured with high precision to ensure perfect alignment between the punch and the die, preventing any excessive play that could affect the quality of the produced parts.

Durable Materials
Made from high-quality wear-resistant materials, these punch holders are designed to withstand mechanical stresses and repeated wear without premature wear and tear.

Enhanced Strength
Heat treatments enhance their strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Robust Design
The robust design of MDL-PB punch holders minimizes weak points and areas of excessive stress, providing easy access for maintenance and replacement as needed.

Compatibility with Punches
Designed to ideally fit corresponding punches, these punch holders ensure precise and secure fitting, preventing any slipping or misalignment during the operation.

The punch holders from SCOP AMDL are designed for easy maintenance. Simple fastening mechanisms allow for the quick removal and replacement of worn components.

Shock Plate
SCOP AMDL punch holders can be equipped with strategically places shock plates of different thickness. These plates absorb and reduce the shocks resulting from the punching operation, protecting your tool, reducing the risk of punch head breakage, and improving part quality by minimizing deformations.

Custom Punch Holders

With the expertise gained in this field, AMDL can create custom punch holders.
This ability to customize solutions ensures an ideal response to the specific requirements of each project, each use, and each customer.